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This service is a shared transfer and is economical,but the difference to other shared services TRANSFER EXPRESS GUARENTEE a speedy service with a maximum time of one hour and a half from your departure point until your arrival point.

THE SPEEDY TRANSFER is an exclusive service only for the NORTH of Mallorca including Alcudia to Playa de Muro.

We would like to remind you that this service only is available for clients staying in a hotel,under no circumstances we go to private accommodation,if you have reserved a private villa please chose the hotel nearest to your accommodation and this hotel will be your drop off and pick up point for your return journey.If you have any queries when you arrive at the airport we will assign you the nearest hotel.THE SPEEDY TRANSFER has a maximum waiting time at the airport, which is 45 minutes,this is to gather together all the clients from the same flight or flights which arrive at the same time.

Once you have collected your luggage please proceed through door A,B,C,D ,once you are through these doors there are 7 exits please go to the meeting point at the column marked number 4 where you will be met by one of our agents ,in case you have a problem with your luggage or any other problem please contact us immediately on EMERGENCY 00+34 682 404 934 or if one member of your party could advise our agent near door number 4.

Once we have all our clients we will transfer you directly to your respective hotels,remember to have ready your BOARDING BUS.On your departure you will have a designated pickup time on you BOARDING BUS, please be ready 15 minutes prior to this time,you have reserved a SHARED TRANSFER and we have a maximum time of 30 minutes for the pick ups and we guarentee your transfer will be swift and safe.

If you are delayed TRANSFER EXPRESS will guarentee your transfer on the next service available.

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